Baking Soda To Whiten Your Teeth? Check Out This Tiktok Video


It does not look like TikTok trends mania is going to halt anytime soon as we keep discovering some fresh trend every now and then while we are scrolling through our feeds.

Until now we have seen many filters and effects pertaining to things out of the body, for one of the first times we are observing a filter that is dependent on a part inside human beings.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the viral Tikt0k Teeth Whitening filter and which has been spreading like wildfire on the for you pages of many TikTok users. Owing to its unique end result the videos related to this teeth whitening technique have been garnering a large number of views and likes. So today in this space here we are going to share details about this technique and also a detailed procedure on how to successfully execute it.

Now there are two methods for performing this technique –

#1. Using a Direct Filter

Let us first get to know about this technique. You just need to log on to the TikTok account and then search for “Tiktok Teeth Whitening”. In the results select a post and then add the filter to your favorites from that post. Now get back to the home page and press the + option to start recording a new video. At this point, go to effects and then select the filter you saved a while ago. After this, you are set and ready for creating the required video. Now start the recording process and flaunt your white teeth and finish the filming process. Then after finishing the routine protocols like adding the caption, hashtags, and soundtracks you are ready to post the filtered video on the TikTok for your viewers. This is one way.

#2. Actually Whitening Your Teeth!

It is expected to have a decaying effect on the enamel part of the teeth. But several dentists have then proclaimed that a periodical usage does not cause much harm to the teeth but they advised to avoid frequent and regular usage as it will harm the teeth. So a few users have been using this technique and then filming themselves while flaunting their white teeth.

So we have provided you with the details concerning this Tikt0k Teeth Whitening filter and now it is up to you guys to decide on which technique to use according to your preferences.


Use Baking Soda For Whiter Teeth

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