How To Search On TikTok On A Computer?

How To Use Tiktok On PC Without Compromising Mobile App Features?

So today we are going to give you all the steps needed to access your Tiktok account on your PC and yes, you will be able to perform these actions easily.

1. Search specific user

How-To-Search-On TikTok-On-A Computer

2. Upload videos from PC

How-To-Search-On-TikTok-On-A Computer

3. Customize your account

4. Comment on posts

Alright. So these are the steps you want to follow-

  1. Visit Make sure you have Chrome browser installed on your PC/Laptop. You can use other browsers too but the procedure that I’m going to mention will be based on Google Chrome.
  2. Login To Your AccountLogin to Tiktok account using your username & password or any other method you had chosen while signing up an account (Gmail, Instagram, Twitter etc).
  3. Right Click Anywhere On The Page & Select “Inspect Element”Simply right click and chose ‘Inspect’ option.
  4. Click On Toggle Device Toolbar. Just click on the icon as I have shown in above snap with green arrow.
  5. Get Ready For Fun! Now select your favorite mobile from the list. In this case, I have selected iPhone 6/7/8 as you can see in above snap.That’s it! Can you see all the options such as ‘upload video’, ‘personal info’, ‘search’ options? Hushh…Finally we did it.

Hope this guide helped you figure out, How To Search On TikTok On A Computer. Let us know in the comments if you liked this guide.

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