Tiktok Dinosaur Lights Trend Explained


It looks like the Covid-19 has not been able to restrict the TikTokers from stepping out of their houses to produce new videos. TikTok users have always been known to create interesting videos by utilizing their surrounding resources quite effectively.

They are known to resort to extreme steps in order to satisfy their creative hunger while producing the TikTok videos. We have seen many such instances in the past, where a few youngsters in India tried to do a TikTok video over the moving trains or on a railway track with the train approaching towards them, or on a hill with a steep slope, etc.

Such scenarios did result in very authentic TikTok videos in some cases and in others, it resulted in fatal accidents and people even lost their valuable lives due to the risk factor involved. It is advisable that all the TikTok users should gauge the risk factor properly before materialising their ideas for the videos on the platform.

More On TikTok Dinosaur Lights Trend

Anyways, you must be wondering why these all things are mentioned here in this space today? You will get your answer to that query in the upcoming moments.

So today we are looking to know more about the TikTok Dinosaur light videos so let’s get into that now.

In the past week, TikT0k has been flooded by a certain kind of videos with a hashtag #dinosaurlight, and these videos have garnered almost 1.6 million views until now signifying that they have become popular with most of the TikTokians.

@ladinoled Es tán mono… 😌 #dinoled #lampara #luzdenoche #dinosaurio #luzdinosaurio ♬ New Home – Frozen Silence

These are mostly being created by the USA users of the TikTok community and the rest of the world has become their audience. So what exactly is the concept of these dinosaur light videos?

Similar to most of the other TikTok videos this is also a simple yet interesting task. Basically, it just involves one thing, a white dinosaur-shaped LED Multi-color figure integrated with rechargeable night light. When the users tap the dinosaur twice the device switches on and then illuminates the room.

If they keep tapping it again then it keeps changing its color to violet, red, blue, green, etc. Users create the video during this process and then add audio to it to finish compiling their own #dinosaurlight video for the latest trend.

Most of the TikT0k users have been using this isnt your sound by babymamarexkitten, as the audio for their TikTok videos and are lip-syncing for this.

A few people even used a unicorn-shaped device as the dinosaur lamps were out of stock in their localities. So why did I specifically say users need to prioritise their safety over making TikTok videos? It is because most of the users who made these #dinosaurlight videos have mentioned that they traveled to marts in order to buy the lamps to finish this TikTok challenge.

It is advised by governments all over the world to not travel unless any urgent necessity as the world is still fighting the deadly Covid-19. So it is better to opt for online portals for buying equipment rather than directly stepping out to buy the resources to make TikTok videos. Amazon has some very good lighting dinosaurs & unicorn lamps that you can consider buying.

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