Shocking Tiktok Video Reveals Worms In Strawberry!


TikTok has become synonymous with viral trends by now and its users are always ecstatic and ready to participate in those unique fun challenges.

#strawberrieswithbugs and #bugsinstrawberries are the latest hashtags that have been trending widely on TikTok in the last few days. Okay, you guys guessed it right. As the names of the trends suggest, this challenge is related to strawberries and something more.

Several TikTokers are stating on the platform that they are not going to eat Strawberries after this latest revelation. So now you guys might be wondering what has happened that has led to many tiktokers saying that they will stay away from strawberries or they will follow a new routine before consuming them from now onwards. You will get a detailed answer to that question in the following moments so just continue reading.

@c.magdy omggg SOo GROSSS ahhhh!!!🐛 #TooCold #WomenInSTEM #washyourstrawberries #worm #GROSS ♬ strawberries – Adrianne Eliza

Strawberries are very popular and is a favourite fruit of many people around the globe. But a few TikTokians recently shed light on a prominent aspect of strawberries that many of us didn’t know till now.

Now get ready for some disturbing information ahead!

According to the viral TikT0k videos, live worms were found wriggling away from strawberries when these fruits were drenched in salt water in order to clean them up.

Many people were startled when they observed this anomaly and were taken aback by the fact that they have been consuming worm-ridden fruits all this while unknowingly. Generally, the strawberries are casually washed for a few seconds and then are consumed directly by the people.

But this latest development, thanks to TikTokers, has made everyone realize about the correct way of washing the strawberries before eating them.

To be precise one has to soak the strawberries for around 30 minutes in salt water in order to get rid of all the worms and other insects.

Many TikTokers have made a video and showed a demo of this as we can clearly see worms crawling from the strawberries when placed in salt water. The users are garnering millions of views and thousands of likes for educating them with a video demo.

TikTokers have been giving some funny captions to their videos like – GROSS, IT WAS JUMPING!!!!! BRB CRYING #fyp #xyzcba #GROSS while uploading their version of the video on the strawberry worms. The worms are likely to have been originated from a fruit fly that usually lays eggs on fruit during its ripening state. And the experts have been saying that they are not harmful worms so you can relax for now, but make sure that the next time you will wash the strawberries thoroughly before consuming them.

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