TikTok Blank Comment Copy and Paste Trick Revealed : This Is How You Do It


There has been a steadfast ascendance in the popularity of various video sharing social media platforms over the last few years. The surge in usage of mobile internet during the middle phase of the last decade is one of the prime reasons for the immense success of apps like TikTok today.

TikTok is basically a video sharing app, which allows people to create and share videos with their friends and acquaintances. The app users enjoy contesting in the distinct challenges which can be accepted through the trending hashtags on the app. The app includes an absolutely devoted, youthful contingency of user base who use the app regularly and are helping it in multiplying its popularity by producing content on a regular basis. For many of these users of TikT0k, obtaining more likes, followers, and turning their videos into the featured section on the app are significant preferences.

Today we will be sharing one of the most interesting tricks available in the TikTok app with all you guys. Quite a few TikTokers have posted a lot of troll videos in the recent past which are targeted towards the users who don’t know how to post a blank comment.

So if you are among one of those users who don’t know how to post blank comments, then you are at the right destination. All of you guys must have been wondering about how to make a blank comment on the TikTok app. This is very essential and must have a skill for the app users to stay up to date with the current trends. In the preceding moments we will walk you through the procedure using which you can successfully make a blank comment on any post in TikTok. This is a intriguing trick which helps to enhance your fun while using the app.

Procedure To Post A Blank Comment On TikTok

1) Primarily you need to have a functioning and an activated TikTok account.

2) Now you need to just open a post on which you wish to enter a blank comment. You have the luxury to choose from millions of posts available on the app today.

3) After selecting the post, scroll down and click on the comment option which is available for every post.

4) Now your mobile keyboard will come up on the screen which enables you to enter words. In that, you need to search for the microphone icon and then tap on it. After tapping on the icon you need to give the required permissions in order to proceed further. Now it will start recording an audio message.

5) After a while, stop recording and get back to normal keyboard and press enter.

6) Within a few seconds, you will be seeing a comment on your name on that particular post. But you can spot a difference in this comment as opposed to a normal one, it will totally be blank with no words at all.

And like that, you can easily post a blank comment on any TikTok post. We will also be sharing some screenshots for your convenience.

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