10 Trendy TikTok Hairstyles You Need To Try Right Now

TikTok’s never-ending stream of beauty trends makes it easier than ever to find new haircuts. The site is a great place to get ideas for changing your look, from curtain bangs to heatless curls. Get ready for a hair makeover! If you need help knowing where to begin, read on. These are ten cool hairstyles for TikTok that you should try right now.

Curtain Bangs:

People with all kinds of hair and face shapes can wear curtain bangs. They are a trend that always stays in style. They look great around the face and can make any haircut look more stylish. Curtain bangs are a classic TikTok trend; many users show off their styles and give styling tips. Curtain bangs are easy to add if you want to add a trendy touch to your look, whether your hair is long, short, straight, or wavy.

Heatless Curls:

People on TikTok have been sharing different ways to get big, curly hair without using heat, which has become a popular trend. There are many ways to curl your hair without heat, such as T-shirts or Velcro rollers. Heatless curls are easy to do and protect your hair from heat damage. Plus, you can try out different looks and styles without committing to heat styling.

High Ponytail Hack:

The high ponytail tip, made famous by hairstylist Chris Appleton, is a brilliant way to make your ponytail fuller. By putting a second hair tie halfway down your ponytail, you can make your hair look bigger and fuller. This hack is great for people with fine or thin hair who want to make their ponytails look better without using hair extensions or teasing.

Bubble Braids:

It’s all the rage on TikT0k right now to wear your hair in bubble braids. They’re simple to make and can be changed to fit your style. You can do one bubble braid or several. Either way you’ll have a cute and trendy look that everyone will notice. If you want to dress up or down your bubble braids you can do them for any event from a casual day out to a special occasion.

Pixie Cut:

Pixie cuts have been a popular haircut trend on TikTok with users showing off many different styles. There are many different kinds of pixie cuts from tough cuts to softer, more layered looks. Pixie cuts are brave and bold haircuts that can make you look completely different. You should definitely consider getting a pixie cut if you want to make a big change or just fancy something different.

Blunt Bob:

Stylists and TikTok users love the blunt bob haircut because it can be worn in many ways and looks great. You can give it texture, volume and depth when you style your short bob with the right tools and methods. The blunt haircut is easy to change to fit your style and attitude whether you like a smooth polished look or one that is more messy and wrinkled.

Messy High Bun:

TikTok made the messy high bun a popular way to style hair that looks stylish and easy. You can make a perfectly messy bun that looks chic in just a few easy steps. Wear your hair like this when you want to look put together but don’t want to put in much work. A messy high bun can dress up or down an outfit based on the event. It adds a touch of casual grace.

Curly Bangs:

Wavy bangs are a popular style among people with wavy hair on TikTok. People can give their hair more volume and depth by cutting their curls into straight or curtain-style bangs. Getting curly bangs is a bold and fun choice to help you stand out. Curly bangs can make you look fun and stylish, no matter what kind of waves or coils you have.

Y2K Hairstyles:

Some hairstyles from the year 2000 are making a big comeback on TikTok. People are loving e-girl hair, baby braids, pigtails, and accessories like butterfly clips. These old-fashioned hairstyles have been updated for a more modern look. They’re great for adding a touch of nostalgia to your look. A Y2K hairdo is a fun and silly choice whether you want to feel like a kid from the 1990s or try something new.

Wolf Cut:

People on TikTok love the messy mullet style of the wolf cut, which has been one of the most popular haircuts this year. If you get the wolf cut, your hair will look more wavy and have more depth. With the right styling tools, you can get a piece-stacked wolf cut that looks cool and dangerous. With the wolf cut, you can change your style and look to fit your hair type, whether straight, wavy, or curly.


TikTok has become a place where people find new and cool looks. The high ponytail hack, curtain bangs, and heatless curls are just a few of the hairstyles you should try. These TikTok hairstyles will give you ideas on whether to make a significant change or change your look. Who understands? You might find your new favorite look!

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